The Catholic Mom Challenge is a system to help busy moms manage their lives while striving for sainthood! We focus on seven different facets of life: Spirituality. Marriage, Motherhood, Rest, Finances, Health, and Homemaking.

The system blends wisdom from productivity and religious books to give practical tips that help us manage our lives while keeping Christ as the foundation. The Catholic Mom Challenge works for everyone, because it will teach you to always be refining what works for you. It’s about treating life as one big experiment where we run tests, keep what works, and toss what doesn’t.

It’s always evolving to meet your needs.

The system is outlined in Catholic Mom Challenge book.  You can download all the worksheets for the program for free here. One of the exercises we go through is to create our very own Catholic Mom Manifesto, a small booklet we keep with us for motivation.

We are a community of Catholic women.  As we all strive toward sainthood, we offer each other support in the CMC Facebook Group. There will be an online workshop for this program in January 2017.