A very important part of the Catholic Mom Challenge is to create your very own Catholic Mom Manifesto.  This little booklet helps anchor you to Christ when your life starts to feel out of control. You will fill in each section of this booklet so it will be completely personalized to your life. Some of the sections it includes:

  • Stewardship Statements
  • Mission Statements
  • Tips for Living a Successful Life
  • Obstacles and Ways to Overcome Those Obstacles
  • Your STOP Doing List
  • Quotes from the Bible and Saints
  • Offer It Up Chart

Your Catholic Mom Manifesto represents your hopes and dreams for your life. It outlines all the people and causes God has put in your path.  It also describes your life if you were the best-version-of-yourself so you have a clear target to aim for. When you’re having a rough day, you can pull out this booklet for inspiration and motivation to strive for sainthood even when you don’t feel like it.


Publisher Template

Edit your Catholic Mom Manifesto in Publisher by downloading this file!

Word Template

Edit your Catholic Mom Manifesto in Microsoft Word by downloading this file!

Pages for Mac

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PDF Version

If you’re interested in looking at the PDF version of my own Catholic Mom Manifesto, download this file!